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Jim Steinman, the acclaimed songwriter for Meat Loaf, has died aged 73


Composer and hitmaker, Jim Steinman, has died.

Steinman famously wrote songs for a slew of successful artists, including Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion, and Boyzone. The cause of his death has not been announced, only that he was rushed to a hospital in Connecticut after he experienced a sudden medical emergency. The office of the chief medical examiner in Connecticut had confirmed that he had died on Monday, April 19th. He was 73-years-old.

Steinman was a master artist who worked as a composer, lyricist, and record producer. His catalogue includes Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell, one of the best selling records of all time. In addition, he wrote ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ for Bonnie Tyler, Air Supply’s ‘Making Love Out Of Nothing At All’, ‘Corrosion’ for Sisters of Mercy, and Celine Dion’s ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’. 

Steinman also found considerable success in writing musicals; Bat Out of Hell: The Musical which became an international hit. Although he wrote for other artists, all of his work for various acts contains a connection in its elements of tragedy and heartbreak. In an interview, Steinman commented on this, saying: “Never been stomped on literally. Figuratively, I am stomped on every day.” Steinman possessed a down-to-earth mentality while also wore his heart on his sleeve, and as a result, also injected a sense of honesty into his music. 

Steinman also added: “Anyway, that is the way I feel sometimes. I’ve never had my heart broken the way you are talking about. I’ve never been dumped, but probably because I don’t allow myself to be dumped.”

The composer wrote the entire album, Bat out of Hell for Meatloaf prior to them getting a record deal. According to Meatloaf’s autobiography, Steinman and the band spent the entirety of 1975 looking for a record contract. Eventually, the album was released in 1977 through Cleveland International Records. It has been reported that since 2007, the record sold over 40 million records; back in the day, it was an instantaneous hit in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Throughout Steinman’s career, the songwriter had been nominated for four grammies, eventually winning one for Album of the Year for his work with Celine Dion’s 1996 hit album, Falling into You, according to Rolling Stone. 

Steinman will be missed for his genuine heart, but his musical authenticity will forever live on in his music.