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Jim Seals, of the 1970s group Seals and Crofts, dies aged 80

Jim Seals, the lead vocalist of the 1970s soft rock duo Seals and Crofts, passed away at the age of 80 on Monday, June 6th.

Teaming up with Dash Crofts, Seals started the group in the late ’60s and released multiple noteworthy hits that reached the Billboard top ten over the next few years. Songs such as ‘Summer Breeze,’ ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Get Closer’ had a definitive impact on the soft rock wave during that period and influenced other contemporaries.

“This is a hard one on so many levels as this is a musical era passing for me,” John Ford Coley on Facebook. “And it will never pass this way again, as his song said. He belonged to a group that was one of a kind. I am very sad over this but I have some of the best memories of all of us together. Rest In Peace Jimmy.”

While they had many popular hits, Seals and Crofts also faced backlash for releasing an anti-abortion song titled ‘Unborn Child’ which came out as a reaction to the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. The song was banned and led to protests since it definitely had a negative impact on the struggle for women’s rights.

“It was our ignorance that we didn’t know that kind of thing was seething and boiling as a social issue,” Seals later admitted. “On one hand we had people sending us thousands of roses, but on the other people were literally throwing rocks at us. If we’d known it was going to cause such disunity, we might have thought twice about doing it.”

According to the reports that have surfaced, the cause of death hasn’t been revealed yet. Seals is survived by his wife Ruby Jean and three children, Sutherland, Juliette and Joshua.

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