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How Jim Carrey and The Weeknd bonded over telescopes


Jim Carrey has long been a celebrity of enigmatic cultural interest, having gone from comedy icon in influential 1990s movies including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and The Truman Show, to the supporting actor of seemingly random Hollywood properties. His latest eccentric story has come from the fact that he and superstar performer, The Weeknd, AKA Abel Tesfaye, formed a strong friendship over their shared love for telescopes. 

Whilst speaking to GQ, The Weeknd recalled his 30th birthday celebrations in 2020, reporting that he met Carrey in person around the same time. As he comments, “We’d been texting prior to that [30th birthday party]. And then, on my 30th birthday, [Carrey] surprised me,” adding, “He just pulled up to my crib and took me to breakfast”.

Continuing, he remembers, “He lived literally like two buildings down from me. He had a telescope, and I had a telescope. He was like, “Where do you live? What floor do you live on?” I was like, Blah, blah, blah. And we looked out the windows on our telescopes and we could see each other”. 

Starstruck by his newfound friend, once an icon on 1990s contemporary culture, The Weeknd also added, “That was like the beginning of my 30s. It was just like, What is going on?”. 

In the same conversation, The Weeknd discussed that his next album is “the album I’ve always wanted to make”, whilst also reflecting on his previous studio album, Kiss Land. “If it wasn’t for ‘Kiss Land’, I wouldn’t have been able to make this new album. That song that you just heard? That’s ‘Kiss Land’, man,” the artist commented. 

Continuing, he explained, “It’s just me understanding how to use ‘Kiss Land’ now, in my craft. But it’s definitely my most honest record. I was the most naked. Most vulnerable. And it is what it is.” 

The Weeknd’s new single, ‘Take My Breath’, is due to be released on August 6 2021.