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Jet Trash summon 60's surf with 'Shake'


America is having a bit of a time warp moment. A whole host of politically charged reasons are behind the fall back in time and morality. One thing we don’t mind going back in time for though is the historic and wondrous West Coast surf sound that permeated the 60’s.

One band determined to bring that back are L.A. garage rock and rollers Jet Trash who have channeled the enigmatic sonics of… The Sonics to name one from back in the day, Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall to name two more contemporary artists, to bring us some beautifully sun-kissed surf sounds.

Paul Kemp, guitarist in the band, had this to say of their grassroots rock and roll sound “There are no synths, no drum machines, no slick production and no bullshit” – with that, we will stop with the fluff and let you enjoy ‘Shake’.