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The song Jessica Alba wants played at her funeral

Jessica Alba has starred in a number of prominent productions while establishing herself as a recognisable name within the Hollywood industry. Known for her performances in franchises such as the Fantastic Four as well as Machete, Alba has built a diverse filmography while also being involved in social activism.

In recent years, she has gravitated towards action thrillers and independent projects. She has also maintained a career in television by starring in projects such as L.A.’s Finest and is also currently set to produce and star in a new Disney+ show. A documentary series titled Parenting Without Borders, it will explore the various family cultures of different societies.

During an interview about Alba’s musical tastes, she was asked to list some of her favourite songs which formed a major part of her life and were formative influences on her. While naming the likes of icons such as Rihanna and Alicia Keys, the actress also spoke about the artists who made her fall in love with music early on.

Recalling her childhood experiences and the songs that truly changed her life and opened up her sensibilities, Alba revealed: “I listened to the stuff my parents listened to because they listened to cool music. But I guess when I started listening to Bob Dylan and The Beatles that changed my life – Dylan’s such an incredible poet.”

Although the first album she ever bought was Hangin’ Tough by New Kids on the Block, it was Bob Dylan who made her understand how poetic music can be. “Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde was the first album that I really loved,” Alba admitted while citing the iconic work which Dylan himself described as “the closest I ever got to the sound I hear in my mind”.

Alba also claimed that one of the first phrases she spoke as a child came from Peter Gabriel’s song ‘Shock The Monkey’ – a track that her parents would repeatedly play around the house. Thinking ahead, the actress also mentioned the name of the song she would like her close ones to play at her funeral in the future.

Responding to the ominous question, Alba expressed her surprising choice: “That’s so depressing – I want [my funeral] to be like a celebration, so maybe not so depressing. Everyone would have to take shots of tequila, for sure. There’s this mariachi song I grew up listening to that would be good – it’s called ‘La Charreada.'”

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