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Jerome Boateng signs with Jay-Z's label


We all know that Jay-Z is a music mogul, he has his fingers in a lot of pies and most of those fingers come out smelling sweet (Beyon….no, shouldn’t really) but he has just completed a deal to now manage World Cup Winner and Germany defender Jerome Boateng with his sister company to Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports – catchy.

The roster for Roc Nation Sports does include other basketball, baseball and American Football stars as well as boxing stars Andre Ward and Miguel Cotto but Boateng is the first footballer to be beseeched by HOVA himself.

It feel a little odd, but apart from guaranteeing retirement in the MLS what has Boateng got out of this? Decent watch? A black diamond chain or the chance to breathe the same air as Kimye (fuck my life)?

Whatever it is, we hope it’s worth it. We can’t really imagine Jay-Z waiting for Adrian Chiles’ updates on a wet night in winter.