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Credit: Lasse Marhaug


Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden announce Lost Girls album


Jenny Hval and multi-instrumentalist Håvard Volden have announced a new collaborative album Menneskekollektivet as part of their new project Lost Girls. The duo has also shared the first taste of the new record, too.

Menneskekollektivet is set for release digitally on March 26th via Smalltown Supersound with a physical release set to follow the next month on April 23rd. The collection of tracks, judging by the initial release, will be a rich and textured soundscape.

It’s not the first time the duo have worked together but it is the first time in ten years of collaboration that they have shared a studio space. The work on their previous effort Feeling EP from 2018, was recorded in a different space.

The first taste of the new album comes in the form of the title track ‘Menneskekollektivet’ — all 11 minutes of it. The Norwegian word translates into English as “human collective” and given the current state of the world, a collective seems like what we need right now.

Hval and Volden have worked on an album before, 2012’s record under the moniker of Nude on Sand but this feels like their most collaborative effort so far. The title track of the new project sounds like it will be a cult-classic in the not-so-distant future.

Trippy and intelligent, the track allows the mind to wander within a newly defined framework. As lockdown continues to cage our physical beings, the need for mental exploration grows ever more important. Hval and Volden have seemingly recognised this and look set to deliver an album that will enrich and enthral our minds, providing the perfect escape.