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(Credit: Grace Cover / Columbia)

Watch the new video for Jeff Buckley’s previously unreleased ‘Sky Blue Skin’


A new music video for previously unreleased Jeff Buckley song ‘Sky Blue Skin’ has been released online.

The demo of the song, which was recorded as part of the final studio session prior to Buckley’s death, was released in August having being hunted by fans and collectors for nearly two decades. “I already see the ghosts on the sidewalk/Kissing in the hereafter,” Buckley sings. “Chances are you wouldn’t even recognise the man I am now,” he repeats.

The release comes as a massive expansion and remastering of Buckley’s extensive back catalogue: “There have been and probably always will be those who wish to speak for my son, take credit for his success or put words in his mouth,” his mother Mary Guilbert said in a statement of the new releases.

“In choosing these pages to share with the world, I’m giving him the chance to speak with his own voice, for the record… and for his fans to see what a sweet, funny, amazing human being he was,” she added.

Now, you can see the video created by animation studio Temple Cache who have managed to collect multiple different lyrics and images from Buckley’s sketchbooks.