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(Credit: Alamy)


Director Jean-Luc Godard announces retirement after almost 7 decades


Jean-Luc Godard may not be as well-known as some big auteur Hollywood name of the 20th Century, but he was certainly a luminary who changed the world of film. He was a catalyst behind the French New Wave scene, with films like Breathless and Pierrot Le Fou becoming iconic within the counterculture movement. 

Now, almost seven decades on from his debut he has seemingly decided to call it quits. “I’m finishing my movie life—yes, my moviemaker’s life—by doing two scripts,” the 90-year-old icon added, “After, I will say, ‘Goodbye, cinema.’”

The two scripts in question are at various stages of development. He told the European public service channel, Arte, that one is currently under the working title of ‘Funny Wars’, while the other is as yet unnamed. 

Speaking about his forthcoming projects and the coronavirus pandemic in a seminar with Lausanne’s ECAL University of Art and Design, Godard announced, “It’ll have an influence but not directly. The virus should definitely be talked about once or twice. With everything that comes with it, the virus is a form of communication. It doesn’t mean we’re going to die from it, but we might not live very well with it either.”

Throughout his career, he has earned a plethora of awards, including an Honorary Academy Award in 2011. He has garnered critical acclaim in a career that quite frankly the movie industry would not have been the same without. 

His arthouse style had a gargantuan influence on the filmmakers that followed the New Wave movement and he has remained prolific with his input to the art form right up until this ripe old age.

You can catch a trailer for his iconic Le Mépris starring Brigitte Bardot below, and read more about his impact on the French New Wave here.