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Jay Som shares video for ‘One More Time, Please’


Jay Som AKA Melina Duerte has released a new video to go alongside her track ‘One More Time, Please’ off her new album Everybody Works. The San Fran based artists has a habit of crafting emotional and heartfelt melodic pop and this new track is no different.

Taken from her debut album, which was recorded, played, written and everything else by Jay Som herself, the song feels entirely personal. We feel invited in to her domain and are trusted with the feelings shared there.

The video for “One More Time, Please” was written, directed and produced by Christopher Good and Andreina Byrne, who explain, “We wanted to honor the heaviness of Melina’s lyrics by channeling the essence of madness many feel while attempting to live up to societal standards, behaviors or even personal obsessions. This madness can become mentally and physically enslaving. We follow the main character as she attempts to satisfy these standards/obsessions until she realizes her obsession with such is more of an internalized threat. This realization of her own obsessive state guides her to find her own peace of mind and acceptance of herself.”

The album represents a mission accomplished as she turns her bedroom pop in to something that can instantly felt, with that in mind, take a look at the video below and enjoy.