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(Credit: Jay Som)


Jay Som shares new track ‘Time Off Work’

One of our favourite artists of the last year Jay Som, has released another track before she goes on tour. The track comes as one of her “impulsive songs” she has recorded following her brilliant LP Everbody Works , the track aptly titled ‘Time Off Work’.

Jay Som may be writing about time off work but she sure isn’t taking the advice as she continues to give us a breadth of artistry that is always as charming and heartfelt as the last. ‘Time Off Work’ is another example of rough-round the edges bedroom pop.

Its slightly scuffed exterior is rendered with a dreamy interior however as the inner working of what made Jay Som so enticing to us, continues to whir and hum with effortless serenity. Another gem from Jay Som, please continue to take time off work.

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