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Jay Som shares new track ‘1 Billion Dogs’


The Californian Jay Som (AKA Melina Duterte) has something of a sweet candour in her recent releases. No matter the content nor the melancholy Melina manages to put across a certain honey tone which soulfully soothes. ‘1 Billion Dogs’ her latest release bucks that trend with a more garage inspired sound.

Taken from her LP Everybody Works the track feels like a world away from her breakthrough single ‘I Think You’re Alright’, the fuzzed guitars feel jagged and blessed. They act as the perfect background to Duterte’s always touching  and delicate vocal.

Duterte is managing to toe the line for the juxtaposed garage sound on this track, and add this to her repertoire for sweet and soulful sounds and you have a record worth its weight in gold. Probably a little more actually.