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Jay Som and ‘The Bus Song’

Jay Som (AKA San Francisco Bay Area-based singer/songwriter and all round top lass Melina Duterte) released a collection of songs recently to huge critical acclaim. Acclaim which cited her insistant warmth, even across darker tones, and her incredible ear for a melody. New track ‘The Bus Song’ cements this and with news of a debut proper in the offing today just got a little better.

Sometimes music just falls in your lap. Jay Som just fell in my lap, if you’ll pardon the expression. I was enjoying a feature of a well-known streaming service and channelling bands that sounded like DIIV – there are friggin’ loads, by the way. (It was a grey Sunday and I was high and lazy, sue me). It was on this fairytale day that I came across Jay Som and her brilliant track ‘I Think You’re Alright’. A track which made me wince with all its romantic reality and uncommon commonality. It felt special in its ordinariness. And now I’m hooked. I can’t get enough of Jay Som.

‘The Bus Song’ has much of the same values. A gentle tone, a heartfelt message and a truth that is easy to hear in every note. The track is available on her debut album Everybody Works March 10th from Polyvinyl Records and we suggest if you have a Sunday you want to spend looking out a window that you let Jay Som sound track that day and thank us later. Her autobiographical approach leads her so many places sonically that you will forget just how relevant her stance on humanity is to you.

That may sound like a grand statement but in my defence I was really high that Sunday.