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(Credit: Mariel Argüello)


Jarvis Cocker reveals how David Bowie "saved him" after Michael Jackson incident at Brit Awards

Jarvis Cocker has revealed that David Bowie “saved him” following the controversy that took place when he infamously hijacked Michael Jackson’s performance at the Brit Awards in 1996.

During the ceremony, Cocker made a cameo on stage which was unwelcomed by Jackson and saw the former Pulp man protest how Jackson “sees himself as some kind of Christ-like figure with the power of healing”.

Following this controversial incident, Cocker was arrested but was later released without being charged. However, the night’s events would follow the Pulp singer round everywhere he went like an albatross for the next few years.

Discussing the incident in a new interview with the New York Times, Cocker says that the incident “changed my life forever, because of the fallout,” going on to reveal how Bowie ended up proving an unlikely lifeline for the Pulp frontman.

“In the U.K., suddenly, I was crazily recognised and I couldn’t go out anymore,” he revealed. “It tipped me into a level of celebrity I couldn’t ever have known existed, and wasn’t equipped for. It had a massive, generally detrimental effect on my mental health.”

Cocker added that he was “saved by David Bowie,” explaining: “There was an accusation that I’d knocked some kids off the stage. I’d been arrested. The only footage that’d been released was like a CCTV camera, and you couldn’t see what was happening.”

“e continued: “That year, David Bowie was getting a lifetime achievement award, and he had his own camera crew there. After two or three days, they released their footage, and then the charges were dropped straight away. Among many other things I’m grateful to David Bowie for, that was amazing.”

See the footage, below.