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(Credit: Garry Knight)


You can finally make your own Jarvis Cocker Christmas Tree baubles


It’s Christmas and that can only mean one thing… Jarvis Cocker’s baubles hanging from your tree.

For eight years Cocker presented Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service. He was quoted as saying, “Sunday doesn’t feel that different to the other days of the week any more. Although there was something weird about when everything seemed to stop on a Sunday, it kind of marked out the week. I am going to put the boringness back into Sunday. That’s my mission.”

It was December 2017 when the 6 Music golden boy bid farewell to the radio station, saying: “It’s not goodbye, it’s just farewell. We wanted to say farewell properly and so we’re going to do a run of five extra-special shows throughout December, starting this Sunday. Let’s keep warm together.”

Now, as the former Pulp frontman is in the running to be Christmas Number 1 for 2019, we’re exploring more ways in which we can all have a Cocker of a Christmas.

Cocker, being the lovely chap that he his, can now hang delicately from your tree… if you want. The chaps at 6 Music have this possible, just follow the steps below.

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