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(Credit: Columbia Pictures)


Jared Leto faked a disability in the name of "method acting"

Jared Leto’s reputation in the industry has steadily deteriorated in recent years, following the emergence of reports about his completely inappropriate behaviour with his colleagues. While Leto takes refuge behind the all-encompassing tag of “method acting”, his co-stars have failed to see why he would send them dead rodents and used condoms.

In his latest project Morbius, Leto engaged in his infamous method acting process once again while playing the role of a scientist who suffers from a deadly disease. He tries his best to find a cure for himself but he ends up transforming into a vampire with superhuman abilities, embarking on a dark and dangerous adventure.

The film’s director Daniel Espinosa explained that Leto tried to get into the role of the sick scientist by using crutches to limp everywhere. “When he walks in, he is Michael Morbius,” Espinosa said. “He would often play Michael Morbius prior to him becoming Morbius, so he would always come in, you know, as a fully disabled person.”

Morbius has received an overwhelming wave of negative reviews from critics, with Leto’s actions also being condemned by many people on the internet who view his “method acting” as extremely offensive. Not just that, he inconvenienced his colleagues once again by indulging in his strange process of getting into character.

“It would take him like 20 minutes to come to the front of the camera, because it was so hard [to walk],” Espinosa added. “This would also create pains in his body, to twist himself like that. But it was for him to remember the pain that the character had.” While Espinosa saw this as dedication on the part of Leto, others have criticised Leto’s insensitivity.

Watch the trailer for Morbius below.