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(Credit: Sara Graham)


Jane Herships releases her new song 'Best Friends'


New York’s Jane Herships has shed her previous moniker and re-emerged with her most personal album to date, entitled The Home Record, out 28th February.

The artist, who formerly worked under the name, Spider has shared the first song from the new record, ‘Best Friends’.

“I wrote this song after a really bad break up,” Herships explained of the song. “I remember realising how strange it felt that the one person I wanted to talk to, aka my best friend, was the person I was breaking up with; the one person I couldn’t talk too. I guess this song was a way to communicate to them how I felt even though I was never able to tell them in person.”

She continued: “It’s called ‘Best Friends’ which is somewhat ironic since it’s really about endings and changes. You may find solace in memories but you’re also super angry at the same time.  And the weirdest part is that you will probably always love this person in some way or another even though you are saying goodbye.”

Stream the track, below.