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Jamie T’s ‘Tinfoil Boy’ gets a pretty twisted video

When the gargling cockney made his return with the decisively heavy sounding ‘Tinfoil Boy’ a few weeks back lots of people had a little bit of wee come out as they excited themselves to a lack of waste control as their hero Jamie T returned.

Now, we have a budget video for all of you with wet trousers. The grainy video sees children playing as children do, mucking about on trains, playfighting – that is until the girl in the group decides to suffocate the other members with plastic bags.

The dark turn comes hand in hand with the darker sound of ‘Tinfoil Boy’.

The rockier sound (apparently influenced by Rage Against the Machine) lends itself to the grainy footage and now all those Jamie-T-inspired-incontinence-sufferers will be wondering about a full-length record.