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(Credit: Jorre Janssens)


James Righton shares new song 'Release Party'


James Righton, the purveyor of plastic disco jams and former Klaxons keyboard svengali, has unveiled a new song ‘Release Party’.

The song is featured on Soulwax’s DEEWEE label and its new compilation Foundations, where Righton sits alongside artists like Laima, Bolis Pupal, Each Other, Extra Credit, Sworn Virgins, and Phillipi & Rodrigo.

The slow-burning synth-pop jam has plenty of dancefloor-ready energy, with propulsive disco drums and elastic keyboard bass bobbing back and forth to create an elastic groove primed for any party you might be having.

Righton’s vocals carry more than a hint of George Michael in his Faith era, all breathy elation and sexual tension still intact. Whether the song is a come-on or a paean for succumbing fully to the joys of two bodies in communion, ‘Release Party’ struts and sways through nearly five minutes of electronic flirtation. It’s like having someone erotically flirt in your ear at a club if it was actually cool instead of being hideously inappropriate and just plain gross.

Last year saw the release of Righton’s debut full-length LP The Performer, on which Righton was able to expand his full tastes for uptempo party jams and downtempo sadboi music. It’s a great album, and it proves that Righton has enough talent on his own to buoy himself after Klaxons’ split back in 2015. I guess, technically, the band is “on hiatus”, but it’s been six years without nary a word or note of music, so it seems like a pretty safe assumption to say the band is kaput.

Not that Righton appears to be any worse for wear. The spotlight is a lot more fulfilling when you don’t have to share it, and ‘Release Party’ is a great illustration of why Righton doesn’t need a band to put out great songs.

Listen to ‘Release Party’ down below. Foundations is out now.