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Watch James McAvoy improvise in the trailer for 'My Son'

French filmmaker Christian Carion first established himself as a director to watch out for with his 2005 war epic Merry Christmas. For his latest project, Carion has undertaken the somewhat pedantic task of making an English-language remake of his 2017 French revenge thriller My Son which follows the life of a man whose child mysteriously disappears.

In an interview, Carion spoke about his artistic intention as a filmmaker and commented on the functions of his films: “The movies I want to make should have meaning,” he said, adding: “Of course, with plenty of entertainment because I want the audience to be captured by what I’m telling to them. But I need a point of view, something to tell.”

He continued: “Not to just have fun with the people, no, I need much more than this. And I know it’s difficult to do this but…yes, it’s difficult. Making movies is a nightmare. Joyeux Noel, for example, I gave four years of my life. But I was happy to do that. And now I appreciate all that is happening with this movie.”

Adding, “When you are moved, then you are ready to think about why you are so moved. I don’t believe in a film that has a “message.” I don’t want to put in your mind my opinion about this story. Of course, in making this movie, it IS my opinion. I know that. But I try not to be too heavy about it. I just want you to be free to think what you want.”

For the 2021 remake of My Son, Carion has managed to score a star-studded cast featuring the likes of Claire Foy and James McAvoy. The latter plays the father who embarks on a perilous journey to track down his missing son after his ex-wife (played by Claire Foy) informs him of their child’s missing status.

For the production, McAvoy was only given a basic idea and no detailed script in order to get him into an improvisational approach. In contrast, every other member of the cast and crew had complete knowledge about the script as well as other details regarding the project.

Watch James McAvoy improvise his performance in the new trailer for My Son below.