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James frontman Tim Booth on Morrissey: “He's become a bit of a dick”

Tim Booth, the frontman of Manchester rock band James, has branded Morrissey “a bit of a dick” following repeated controversial comments.

James, a band which was formed in 1982 and enjoyed popularity throughout the 1990s, followed The Smiths as a leading band from the area and became good friends with Morrissey and the rest of the band over the years.

However, Morrissey’s popularity has started to wain after repeated high-profile interviews. Morrissey, somewhat controversially, has taken to voicing his political opinions more prominently in recent years. At one stage, Morrissey seemingly suggested that Hitler was left-wing before hitting out London mayor Sadiq Kahn by saying he “cannot talk properly” in an explosive interview. To follow, the 58-year-old seemingly offered his support to the controversial right-wing figure Tommy Robinson.

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Now, in a new interview with the PA, Tim Booth said: “I knew Morrissey as a friend when he was sweet, very shy, very frightened. Wanting success, wanting what happened with The Smiths and also terrified of it simultaneously,” said Booth. “I saw about their seventh gig in Manchester and they were fully formed. They were ready, they were lock and loaded. And we weren’t.

“They were so kind to us. Morrissey called us the best band in the world, they took us on tour, they tried to take us to America but we actually turned them down. And they were so sweet, all of them, for years.

Booth continued: “But I know he’s become a bit of a dick.”

Say it as it is, Tim.