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(Credit: Press / Eon)


James Bond production team spent £55,000 on Coca-Cola for 'No Time to Die'

When filming dangerous stunts for films and television productions, creative solutions are often required to ensure safety remains the number one priority. Still, there’s no substitute for real-life suspense. The motorcycle chase on top of the rooftops of Istanbul in Skyfall is a great example. That might not be Daniel Craig up there, but it’s still two stunt riders precariously zooming across narrow rooftops at top speed.

The James Bond franchise loves these kinds of heart-pumping, death-defying real-deal stunts. From the bungee jump off the Contra Dam in GoldenEye to the cargo plane fight in The Living Daylights, Eon Productions always knew the perfect way to convey tangible danger – namely, by putting their stunt people in tangible danger.

No Time To Die, from what we’ve seen previewed so far, has one of its major chase scenes mirroring that previous motorbike brawl in Skyfall. For the scene, production departed to Matera, Italy, in order to film some enormous jumps and fast-paced action scenes. But the crew discovered a problem once they arrived: the cobblestone road they were riding on was incredibly slippery.

For a specific stunt that required driver Paul Edmondson to jump over a 60-foot wall, the logistics of getting up to top speed proved perilous on the slick surface. There were brainstorms between cast and crew on how to make the streets stickier, and apparently, it was Daniel Craig himself who offered up a bizarre remedy – spray the streets with Coca-Cola.

For anyone who has ever spilt Coke on themselves during a hot summer day knows, the drink quickly takes on an adhesive quality that, in most cases, is just an annoying setback. But Craig’s idea was actually ingenious. The drink was relatively cheap to acquire, it would be easy to wash off once filming wrapped, and it made the road look appropriately aged and dirty. And so the production went about obtaining Coke by the tune of about £55,000.

In the end, 84,000 gallons of Coke were spilt on the streets of Matera in order to ensure that Edmondson was able to do the stunt safely. No word on whether Coca-Cola finagled some sweet product placement out of all its wasted product. I guess we’ll see when No Time To Die is released next week.

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