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(Credit: Bold Films)


Jake Gyllenhaal to star in new comic book adaptation

Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to comic book adaptations since he recently starred as the antagonist Mysterio opposite Tom Holland in the 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home. Gyllenhaal has already been attached to a brand new comic book project titled Oblivion Song which is going to be based on the eponymous comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici.

Oblivion Song revolves around a man who spends his days engaging in search-and-rescue missions in order to save those who have been trapped in a post-apocalyptic part of Philadelphia. Starting from 2018, the series quickly garnered public attention as Robert Kirkman had already developed a fan-following for co-creating the immensely popular Walking Dead series.

In a statement, Kirkman said: “We couldn’t be more excited to find such great partners in New Republic and Nine Stories. Both companies have a tremendous reputation for premium storytelling at the highest level, and we can’t wait to see Jake bring this character to life on the big screen. We are so fortunate to have assembled a team that is as passionate about this comic as we are.”

Producer Riva Marker added: “When faced with a cataclysmic event that permanently alters our lives, what would we choose to save? Just as Kirkman did with The Walking Dead and Invincible, in Oblivion Song, he’s created the potential for a franchise that is profoundly entertaining, and the perfect opportunity to explore big questions we’re reckoning with globally.”

In a separate interview, Kirkman explained: “The biggest lesson is adapting my own material and not trying to change it too much. When I started on The Walking Dead I hadn’t quite realised that my familiarity with the material led to my boredom with the material and made me want to change it just to excite me.”

“That is something that I was always pushing for in the writer’s room: ‘Let’s kill this character now, let’s change the story completely, let’s have them go here instead of there because we went there in the comics and don’t need to do that because people have seen that.’ The writers would tell me: ‘We’re trying to adapt the story and need to keep some things intact.’ I’ve definitely learned that there is a value to the source material and I needed to be more respectful of that. So I’m looking to try to add things to a story to accentuate what’s already there instead of trying to change it.”