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(Credit: Paramount)


‘Jackass’ may be heading for a TV series on Paramount+


Despite claiming that the fourth film in the popular Jackass series would be the final outing from the stuntmen, it is believed that the daredevils and pranksters will be returning for a new TV series for the streaming service, Paramount+. 

Confirmed by Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish, Variety reported that the announcement came during an earnings call where Bakish stated, “Based off the success of Jackass Forever, we’re working with the creators to continue the partnership with a new series, bringing even more ridiculous antics straight to Paramount+”. 

With the announcement being nothing more than a strong rumour at this point, there are currently no details as to who will be returning for the series, in front of, or behind the camera. 

The only new piece of Jackass content we are confirmed to be getting is Jackass 4.5, featuring unseen footage from the fourth film in the series, along with outtakes and interviews. This falls in line with previous instalments, Jackass 2.5 and 3.5.

Heralding in a new brand of prank comedy that brought focus onto the new invention of cell phones and social media, the original Jackass crew pioneered the viral video with stunts so outrageous friends simply needed to share the content. The difference is, where several YouTube celebrities and even Sacha Baron Cohen himself has stooped to punching down on others, Jackass has endured by staying true to its core principles. 

Take a look at the trailer for Jackass Forever, starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Rachel Wolfson, Eric André and Machine Gun Kelly.