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(Credit: Kris Krüg / Simon Fernandez)


Jack White's 10 favourite Led Zeppelin songs

If there’s one man who can boast of being one of the biggest Led Zeppelin fans of all time it’s The White Stripes and Raconteurs man, Jack White. The new leader of the guitar rock movement, White rightly sits atop the throne of modern riffery for his unique and idiosyncratic guitar tone. One could also argue that, without Led Zeppelin, White would be spinning in a circle not really sure where to go.

“They are an immovable force in music,” Jack White once said while professing his love for Led Zeppelin. “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like them.” It’s a statement that not only confirms White as a superfan but as a truly tuned in musician. Led Zeppelin represents a foundational stone in the world of music and without their influence, it’s certain that White would never have found the iconic sound that set him and The White Stripes on the road to success.

In 2019, the former White Stripes man even shared a playlist of his ten favourite Zeppelin songs that he filled with the deepest cuts. His playlist includes alternate mixes of ‘Two Ones Are Won (Achilles Last Stand)’ and ‘St. Tristan’s Sword’, as well as ‘The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair’ and ‘Traveling Riverside Blues’, taken from sessions that Zep carried out for the BBC.

However, one song on the playlist holds a special place close to the heart of Jack White and that is ‘The Lemon Song’. When he headlined Lollapalooza Argentina in 2015, White found himself taking to the stage after Robert Plant & The Sensational Shapeshifters. There was no way that he wasn’t taking full advantage of being in such close proximity to his hero and chanced his arm by inviting Plant to join him on stage.

The Led Zeppelin frontman didn’t take much convincing and the feeling of respect between the two titans of rock remains reciprocal. “I love Jack White’s buccaneer spirit, and the way he dodges through the musical horizons,” Plant wrote as part of a Facebook chat in 2014. He also revealed to his avid fanbase that he would be “happy” to record a song with the former White Stripes singer whilst he was in Nashville, adding: “I’m going to Nashville on Sunday and can do it on Monday morning! I’ve got lunch with Alison Krauss at 2pm and cocktails with Patty Griffin at 8pm.”

Unfortunately, there is no chance of a single release from White and Led Zeppelin on the horizon but we do have the brilliant playlist that Jack White constructed.

Jack White’s favourite Led Zeppelin songs

  • The Rover
  • How Many More Times
  • Two Ones Are Won (Achilles Last Stand)
  • Since I’ve Been Loving You
  • The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
  • The Lemon Song
  • St. Tristan’s Sword
  • Travelling Riverside Blues
  • Moby Dick
  • Out On The Tiles