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Credit: Kris Krug


Jack White reveals unreleased collaboration with Jay-Z could “see the light of day”


Former White Stripes frontman Jack White might be the last person you’d expect to see working with rap and hip hop artist Jay-Z, but nonetheless, it seems that the two have been hard at work on a collaboration that might come to fruition soon.

White recently spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about some of his unfinished work and his recent team up with the rapper, and he had this to say, “Yeah. That’s true, but it’s not me who doesn’t finish stuff. So it’s, uh…I’m not that guy. No, I’m just teasing. But I’m more the personality, like, I’ll be there tomorrow, you know. So it’s different working styles. So some of that stuff I think will see the light of day when those guys aren’t busy with other projects and stuff.”

This might sound like a little bit of a jab, but rest assured, White does find working with the rapper to be a fun experience. “Yeah, it was. It’s so different, you know, because when I went into the studio with him, there was just one microphone which is, I kind of was [like] ‘Whoa, what? Where are the other microphones.”

He continues, “But I was like, ‘Oh, wow, OK. Yeah, I guess why would you need another microphone?’ So yeah, it’s different worlds. And so Jay was learning about the way I did it and I was learning about the way he did it. That’s like seeing anybody use a method. And if you see anyone using any method, it’s really, really interesting.”

Jack White seems to have taken an interest in hip hop more than ever recently, as he goes on to say, “I really wanted to find musicians who played with hip-hop artists onstage – who backed up Kendrick or Jay-Z or Kanye or something. I thought that was a special musician that can [take] what’s on a hip-hop track, where it’s a sample or a drum machine, but replicate it live with real drums and real bass.”

All of this stirs some curiosity about what exactly the sound between the pair would be like. If it does see the light of day soon, it’s bound to make some waves. 

However, Jack White seems busy himself, with a new album coming out on April 8th and kick off a headline tour soon. If you want to take a listen to some of White’s new music, you can do so here.