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(Credit: Kris Krüg / Simon Fernandez)


Watch the moment Jack White teaches Jimmy Page to play 'Seven Nation Army'


The Edge, Jack White and Jimmy Page came to be in the same room as a result of the 2008 documentary It Might Get Loud. The Davis Guggenheim-directed film explores the careers of the rock God trio, tracing their journeys through music as they exchange stories and respective guitar lessons for some of their best-known tunes. 

One such lesson is put forth by Jack White, who shows the duo how to play the ubiquitous 2003 tune ‘Seven Nation Army’ by his former band The White Stripes. 

Whilst there is a sneaky suspicion that the black-cloaked Page probably already knew how to play the rather simple riff, there was no better man to teach him the particulars behind the sound than Jack White himself. 

White explains that the riff was initially cooked up while touring in Australia and was met with an indifferent response by his roommate, Ben Swank (namely of the Soledad Brothers), when he first presented it. 

White jokes that he almost shelved the idea in case he ever got asked to do a “James Bond theme or something,” which ironically, he would go on to do, working with Alicia Keys on ‘Another Way To Die’ for Quantum of Solace. 

The lesson then commences, and White’s aptly equipped students burst out a jamming session of the track, picking up notes on White’s sliding technique as they do so. The trio represents the stuff of guitar fans wet dreams, and the meddling of their own inimitable styles lends the piece a prowess to behold. The whole thing, sadly, just yearns for Meg White’s pounding kick drum to start. 

It might not be the most challenging song for them to tackle, but seeing three of the most influential musicians in rock music history get down to work is a fascinating insight. Page’s attention to minuscule details shines through in particular as he ogles the fingers on White’s fret. 

The White Stripes, Led Zeppelin and U2 in the same room, it’s worth a watch just for that spectacle alone. Catch the video below.