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Credit: Kris Krug


Jack White replaces busker's guitar after it was smashed during ugly altercation


Jack White is a knight in shining armour for one Scottish busker after The White Stripes man purchased the street guitarist a replacement guitar following an ugly altercation which left his original instrument in ruins. It’s just another accomplishment for White’s increasing CV — do-gooder.

Naturally, White’s replacement wasn’t any old six-string he could find. Instead, he sent the street performer a brand new $4,000 Fender Stratocaster after the busker’s guitar was smashed to pieces while he was performing in Edinburgh. It’s a good news story that we are more than willing to share and a sign of camaraderie between musicians that deserves highlighting.

Matt Grant, who busks in Edinburgh and calls himself a “live loop guitarist and street musician,” started a GoFundMe account to replace the acoustic guitar that was destroyed by a passerby, posting a video on Instagram he said: “Can’t believe this happened. My livelihood.”

Word of the incident spread to Jack White and saw the singer’s manager reach out to Grant to provide him with a simply stunning new guitar. The GoFundMe had already raised more than enough cash for Grant to pick up a new acoustic and when doing so he got the call from White’s manager.

He informed Grant that White was going to get him a new guitar as Grant says: “Flashforward one kid in a candy shop later testing as many guitars as possible and I settle on a custom made Fender Stratocaster.”

“Absolute once in a million lifetimes thing happened today and I cannot thank Jack enough for his absolute generosity. Apparently he saw what happened and hit up his manager just this morning, who then amazingly tracked me down to the guitar shop just in time for me to walk out with this absolute beauty.

“Thanks Jack. I’d love to thank you personally one day, you’re a legend.”