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(Credit: Twitter / Robert Sullivan)


Listen to Jack White's cover of Blondie on rare cassette from the 1990s

At a time when millions of people around the world are forced to stay home amid strict social distancing measures, we’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine archives to add some nostalgia-related entertainment to our lives.

Stepping back into the vault, we’re taking a trip back to the 1990s to get a taste of White Stripes leader Jack White putting his unique spin on a classic by Blondie.

Ben Blackwell, a White Stripes archivist as well as co-founder of Third Man Records, wrote a full essay around the musician as part of a celebration around ‘Cassette Week’. In the article, Blackwell highlighted some of the rarest inclusions is in his own personal collection which arrived in the shape of a 1997 recording of Jack White singing Blondie song ‘One Way or Another’.

Discussing the demo, Blackwell said the cassette “is as far as I can tell, the rarest physical release of a Jack White performance. And prior to the mention here, the release was completely undocumented. I doubt more than a half-dozen people even knew about it.”

The demo in question is found on a cassette which pre-dates The White Stripes and sees White singing Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’. Blackwell notes in an essay on Discogs that White worked as a session engineer to help a band called 400 Pounds of Punk record a cassette titled He Once Ate a Small Child.

White gave up his sound engineer duties only for this song and it’s likely one of the earliest vocals from the man himself.

Take a listen below.