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(Credit: Alamy)


Watch Jack White impersonate Beck onstage for surprise warm-up at Nashville show


You can’t expect to be a guitar hero in Jack White’s Nashville backyard without the former White Stripes star having something to say about it. Beck learnt this lesson quickly as White stormed his show with a parody of Beck himself.

White burst on stage and announced before a relatively stunned crowd, “I’d like to do one of my favourite Beck songs from the 1990s that I wrote,” in an impression of Beck’s southern drawl. 

White then proceeded to take on a medley of the Chumbawamba classic ‘Tubthumping’ and The Proclaimers ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ in what might be the strangest Appalachian styled mashup ever to grace a stage. Or at the very least a Beck stage in Nashville.

Continuing the comedy caper, Beck (the real Beck that is) then arrived on stage and implored: “What are you doing, Jack? You asked for some nail clippers. I went out to my car to get them. I come back, and you’re playing my show.”

White later posted the Carry On Country Rock sketch on his Third Man Records Instagram page and left a myriad of fans wondering what the hell was going on. 

With both artists set to take the road soon for some huge up and coming shows, I guess these more intimate appearances allow for a bit of chilled experimentation it would seem. You can check it out below.