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Jack White dedicates 'Icky Thump' to Donald Trump


Jack White has had another pop at Donald Trump by dedicating his song ‘Icky Thump to the President of the United States.

White, who used the song in 2016 to sell “Icky Trump” t-shirts, was headlining New York’s Governors Ball on Friday.

Entering the second verse of the track, the White Stripes man says: “White Americans, what/ Nothing better to do/ Why don’t you kick yourself out/ You’re an immigrant too/ Who’s using who/ What should we do?/ Well, you can’t be a pimp/ And a prostitute too!”

It’s that moment that White references the track to Trump, he said: “That’s for you, Trump! You can’t be a president and a prostitute, too, Trump!”

White then changes the song to “Icky Trump”. Watch the footage, here: