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The bizarre moment Jack Nicholson was asked about the beauty of his ass

In February 2004, Jack Nicholson was interviewed at a press conference in Germany in support of his latest film at the time, Something’s Gotta Give. Nicholson sat next to co-star Diane Keaton as they were quizzed about the film. 

The conference takes a strange turn when questions from the press become increasingly irrelevant and downright strange. 

The first inkling that the interview might take a nosedive was when a member of the press asked a barely comprehensible, fumbling question along the lines of, “Did you ever take viagra just as you met, to have good sex? Or, more seriously, a question to both of you … tell us about ageing, getting older. Everybody wants to get older, but they don’t want to be old. So how do you -” 

At this point, Keaton cuts in and says, “Well, it’s better than being dead, right?” in a joking counter to the rudeness of the question. 

After fumbling over further words, the interviewer finishes asking the question: “Is ageing a problem for you?” In utter bemusement, Nicholson and Keaton refrain from answering, not for lack of engagement. 

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Later, things take a further step into strangeness and hilarity when another member of the press addresses Nicholson: “In the film, we see your behind, and it’s very fit. How do you do it after so many years?”

Nicholson laughs and explains that he has certain “exercises” before standing up and thrusting his hips for the camera. After sitting back down, he continues: “I’m very proud of my ass. I did suggest it for the poster for the picture and was told that that would be illegal, which I found complimentary and interesting at the same time.”

He added conclusively as he threw up his hands, “I just have a big fat ass!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Nicolson was asked about his famous grin, which has helped him pull off acting roles playing various psychopaths and the Joker in Batman (1989). “You are world-famous for your grin. Are you happy with your dentist?” Nicholson found it difficult to answer and just laughed while shrugging the question off. Personally, I think Nicholson has his eyebrows to thank for his unique smile before his teeth. 

“Are you married?” one of the audience asked. Nicholson laughed again in disbelief before asserting bluntly, “No.”

While entertaining for us as the audience, one has to spare a thought for the interviewers who had the chance of a lifetime in front of one of Hollywood’s finest living stars and totally fluffed it with such ludicrous questions.

Watch the full series of strange questions in the video below.