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Jack Black thinks Dave Grohl is the "greatest drummer alive"

Tenacious D and Dave Grohl was a pairing that we didn’t know we needed until it happened, on numerous occasions. Grohl has played on all of the rock duo’s albums to date and even starred as the Devil in the video for ‘Tribute’.

Strangely, the duo’s self-titled album turned 20 on September 25th, the day after Nirvana’s seminal LP, Nevermind, celebrated a mammoth 30 laps around the sun.

Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, have now looked back on the impact of Nirvana and their long friendship with Dave Grohl. They told Heavy Consequence that Nirvana “exploded like an atom bomb”. Speaking of the game-changing impact Nevermind had, Black said: “Nirvana simultaneously created a genre and destroyed a genre with one powerful album.”

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Black even claimed that the pair were “heavily influenced” by the grunge trio. Speaking of one of their shows in San Francisco in 1991, he explained: “It was the best concert I ever saw… And little did I know 10 years later, we would be rocking with that drummer.”

Black remembers thinking to himself, “Who’s that drummer… there’s no question, he’s the best drummer alive right now.” He added, “The f**king thunder that came out of his kit was second to none.”

It wouldn’t be long after that show that Tenacious D would finally meet Grohl. Black cast his mind back: “He f**kin’ somehow popped his head through the curtain when we were playing the Viper Room in the early ’90s and said, ‘Hey, I heard you guys were great. Looking forward to checking you guys out. Have a good show tonight.'”

Even though the pair were aware that Grohl was a fan, they never thought it was a possibility that he would play on their first record, let alone all of its follow-ups.

Black admitted: “We didn’t even want to ask him to play drums for us on that first album, because it just seemed too stupid a question. But (producers) the Dust Brothers actually convinced us, (saying), “Are you f** kin’ crazy? He said he liked you? You’re going to try to get him on the album!”

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Tenacious D have released the 20th Anniversary Super Power Party Pack. This bumper package includes a CD reissue of the Tribute EP, a cassette of the band’s 1995 demo album and a replica 1995 show flyer designed by the pair. Pick it up on the band’s website

Watch the video for ‘Tribute’ below.