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(Credit: Jack Antonoff)


Jack Antonoff has confirmed there will be a new Bleachers album out in 2020


All you alt-pop aficionados rejoice as the beloved saviour of bedroom pop, Jack Antonoff, has confirmed that he will be releasing a brand new Bleachers album this year.

Ina year which will likely be chock-full of marvellous albums, with some massive acts looking to jump into a new decade with aplomb, but those in the know will be keeping their eye out for Bleachers’ new record.

That’s because with producer-extraordinaire Jack Antonoff driving the project everything and anything is possible. The artist has fast become a darling of the music world with his idiosyncratic ear but his work with Bleachers is what endeared him to our hearts first of all.

He approaches the new album having been the man behind huge records like Taylor Swift’s Lover and Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell and with a fresh zeal for Bleachers.

We’re excited.