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(Credit: Issy Wood)


Issy Wood releases new video for 'Fuss'

Issy Wood - 'Fuss'

British artist/musician Issy Wood has released a new video for ‘Fuss’, the penultimate track on her latest EP If It’s Any Constellation.

“Fuss is a passive-aggressive song. Its relative simplicity is a sign of its confidence,” Wood explains, “As are the lyrics, which are given permission to hold the whole track in place. This is about somebody looking to destroy a person in the most British way possible: politely.”

Just for reference, the most American way to destroy a person is with an unregistered handgun in the middle of a Wendy’s parking lot. ‘Fuss’ comes packaged with a conceptual video that doesn’t feature Wood, but rather is centred around balloon crafts from artist David Crofts.

“‘Fuss”s video, despite its childlike medium, depicts a very sad dinner date. It fits perfectly on an EP that is equally playful in form and morose in lyrics,” Wood explains.

I don’t know if I have discovered a newfound aversion to balloons, but the video for ‘Fuss’ was a very unsettling experience for me. It had me wondering what the opposite of a fetish was. Whatever it is, that’s what I have for the various balloons creations that occupy the ‘Fuss’ video. Unnerving and certainly not helped by the eerie and synthetic arrangement of the song, the video was one of those experiences that didn’t have any explicit gore or horror but still creeped me the hell out when I watched it in the early morning hours.

Some of the greatest musicians of all time were artists first. Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, John Squire, Ronnie Wood (somewhat incongruously, but the man has serious painterly talent). That puts Wood in good company. I’m not ready to call her an all-timer, but I did enjoy If It’s Any Constellation, if for no other reason than the fact that it put a fresh spin on well-worn genres like bedroom pop and electronica. Wood’s driving force appears to be fierce individuality, a trait that will serve anyone well in both music and art. Wood’s music doesn’t sound like anyone else’s, which means that even when I don’t like it, I still have a pretty hefty respect for it.

Check out If It’s Any Constellation and the video for ‘Fuss’ down below.