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Is Tropical - Dancing Anymore

Be careful Is Tropical, you’re starting to get a reputation.  The brilliant London trio have teamed up with Megaforce for their new single ‘Dancing Anymore’.

In the video a French kid is left to work in woman’s house but becomes slightly distracted fantasising about having his wicked way with the married chick. Megaforce, who have been nominated for 2 UK Music video awards this year for Best Rock/Indie video & Best Animation in a music video, have previously worked with the likes of Tame Impala, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and, er, Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj have taken this video to the very edge of social acceptance, and we love it.

Having watched it, I spent half the time impressed by the 3D animation, half the time laughing as the video continues to take the joke further and further and a lot of time grossed out as the kid wipes his hand after completing the deed.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Is Tropical has gone down this route, remember ‘Lies’? When we’re introduced to a pole dancer getting very much down and dirty, albeit stylishly directed and edit I might add.

More recently, the band teamed up with the exceptional photographer (and porn director) Richard Kern to direct ‘Lovers Cave’ which can only be described as a bunch of babes running around topless whilst the band play, typically Kern.

Onto today’s Track of the Day, ‘Dancing Anymore’ a track, that if you check the band’s YouTube channel has been sampled and remixed by plenty. With that said though, you won’t find the official video, it’s banned after ‘it’s content violated YouTube’s Terms Of Service.’

Lucky you can see it here; I hope you’re not sat with your Gran or little sister or something though. That would be weird.