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Is the end near for Arctic Monkeys? Alex Turner answers difficult life questions


Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has been tasked with asking himself difficult life questions as he prepares to release the band’s forthcoming new album Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino. 

The Sheffield band’s upcoming sixth album is due for release on May 11 and, with a hefty tour due to follow, lead singer Alex Turner and his bandmates have begun drip feeding more information about the style of the new record. One of Arctic Monkeys’ running trends is to switch up their sound for each new album and Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino will be no different. In fact, it has been revealed that the new record was once set to be released as a solo album for Turner.

In truth those aforementioned changes in style can be put down to nothing else than the maturity of a band that have grown together for half their lives. Writing, creating, recording, touring and developing; Arctic Monkeys have seen their individual lives take different paths throughout their career. Proud of their Sheffield roots, some members of the band are living with wives and children while others continue to thrive in the fast-moving life of Los Angeles.

In reality, it was Turner’s mother than posed the question that some critics and fans have wondered for a while; ‘what next for Arctic Monkeys, if anything?’

“When I turned 32 in January, my mother congratulated me and asked if I was even aware that I have now spent half of my life in this band,” Turner said in a new interview with German website Intro. “She wanted to know if it was not time for something else, something sensible, for example,” he added.

After a moment of reflection, Turner continued: “My mother did not mean this birthday question very seriously, but she started a process with me,” he said.

“The tour to the last album something has come to an end for us. Nobody could have said afterwards how it goes on. Until then, everything was like an eternal school trip. But now some of us got married, there were the first children, pregnancies. Changes were in the air. And so it happened: we have seen each other much less often in the past five years than at any other time in our lives,” he continued with an air of mystery.

Turner is undoubtedly reflective on the forthcoming album. Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino itself feels like an ending, it feels as though the band are looking back on everything they have achieved with little or zero thought to the future. The suggestion that the new record could have been a Turner solo album was rubbished by the man himself: “I was never interested in making a solo album,” he said before adding some dedication to the band “I am a part of this band and would disrespect the others.”

“Nevertheless, I wanted to make this music, it was in me,” he added.

“It was important to me to say goodbye to the realism of most of the Arctic-Monkeys stuff. Overall, it developed in a direction that soon made me realise she had absolutely nothing to do with what people would expect from a Monkeys record.”