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Is Shia LaBeouf livestreaming the sparks of revolution?


I mean, probably not, but it’s still an interesting piece of conceptual art from the bag headed LaBeouf. In protest of the inauguration of that truly cat-arse-mouthed reptile in a suit (AKA Donald Trump. Sad!), Shia LaBeouf has launched a participatory livestream project.

Aiming to last the entirety of the Trump 4 year administration the project is designed to engage activists and the public alike, aiming to get across the singular message of ‘He Will Not Divide Us’. The project invites anyone to make their way over to the camera positioned outside the Museum of the Moving Image in New York to repeat the phrase “He will not divide us.”

Our favourite bit is seeing the multitude of different ways to say this phrase thus highlighting the textured society still delivering the same message.

Open 24/7 the project is also being livestreamed here.