(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Is Kanye West trying to collaborate with Bob Dylan?


In what might be a weirder turn of events than even Kanye fans are used to, Mr West yesterday used his social media to reach out to the Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan. Which left us wondering whether Ye is about to go folk?

Dylan may be one of the original firestarters, his music was sometimes banned, his ethics fought against at every turn by the establishment and his turn towards electric guitars rocked the world back in the 60’s but one man may be able to match him on these fronts. Kanye West is the zeitgeist artist of our times partly because he looks to be losing his shit and partly because his music offers our society up in a nutshell. 

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Fitting then that Ye used Twitter, another zeitgeist format, to reach out to the traditionally reclusive Bob Dylan proclaiming the two should “get together”. With Paul McCartney already on Ye’s ‘collaborated with’ list perhaps it’s time that Dylan got down too?

Now, be honest, if it happens, everyone is listening to that track, right?