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Is a Marvel musical really on the way?

Marvel has ended the year on a high note, after other projects like Eternals faltered and faded away. With Spider-Man: No Way Home, the studio has seemed to strike the right chord with fans as many of them have taken to the internet to insist that it is the greatest addition to the enormous legacy of Spider-Man in the history of the franchise.

While other high-profile projects haven’t exactly fared well at the box office due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, No Way Home managed to gross $587 million over the opening weekend which is the third highest opening weekend total of all time. This comes at a time when other big productions like Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story have gone the opposite direction.

Although a number of Marvel projects are already on their way in 2022, a new possibility is on the horizon and that is a Marvel musical. Broadway legends Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman have expressed their interest in such a project, claiming that they already have a definitive vision of what a Marvel musical can look like if it were ever to happen.

Shaiman mused: “To write a musical in the style of the MCU, that takes it seriously, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously? We would love to do it. If they were to ask, we are available!” He went on to add that his musical would not really stick to film canon and would investigate tangential narrative arcs instead to bring something new to the table.

“I would hope to visit Asgard; we’d have a Ragnarok section,” Shaiman continued. “I knew all these plot-lines, and words like ‘Tesseract’ and ‘Chituari’ and ‘shawarma.’ Scott and I grew up on My Fair Lady and Gypsy. Whoever knew that we would be writing a musical number with words like ‘Tesseract’? But we were doing it, and it was just thrilling.”

Watch the trailer for the Spider-Man film below.