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Irvine Welsh to write Trainspotting stage musical


Choose song and dance numbers, choose ensemble singalongs, choose sick boy pirouetting fabulously in a pill-induced delirium, choose Trainspotting the forthcoming stage musical.

Irvine Welsh, the acclaimed writer behind The Trainspotting novel, has revealed that he is turning his beloved drug drama into a stage musical. 

The cult classic book was published back in 1993 and later gained global traction when Danny Boyle got his hands on it and directed the iconic film adaptation in 1996 starring Robert Carlyle, Ewan McGregor and more. 

While the story has previously been adapted into the Trainspotting Live experience, this is the first time that Welsh has been involved in a classical musical style feature for the story. 

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In order to bring the wild stage show to life, Welsh has teamed up with his songwriting friend Steve McGuinness and producer Phil McIntyre known for work with Jonas Brothers, for a bonanza of scag songs traversing a similar adrenalised path to the searing soundtrack of the film itself

Welsh told the Daily Record: “We do a kind of techno act together, but we’ve stepped up to write urban house, blues, jazz, disco and rock ‘n’ roll songs and power ballads.”

Adding: “I don’t want to jinx something that’s in development, but my songwriting partner Steve and I have done 14 brand new songs for a Trainspotting musical.”

He later confirmed that it wasn’t merely the songs in advanced stages either. “We’ve got the songs and we’ve got a script for it. We’re looking at things like casting, choreographers and set designers,” he added.

The writer is so confident about plans, that he even ventured to offer up a proposed date for the show. Remarking: “We’re looking at doing it about a year from now at the earliest, but I think we’ll probably try to go straight into the West End. That’s the ambition for it.”