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(Credit: Alamy)


Iron Maiden share new short ‘Senjutsu’ film

Iron Maiden have released a new short film regarding the creation of their forthcoming album ‘Senjutsu’. 

Last month the band arrived with their new single, ‘The Writing On The Wall’, and later revealed that the release would be followed with their 17th studio album Senjutsu in September.

For the record, the band returned to Paris’ Guillaume Tell Studio where they ventured for their previous outing, The Book of Souls, back in 2015. 

In the short film, bassist Steve Harris, frontman Bruce Dickinson and the album’s producer Kevin Shirley discuss the making of the record in the famed French studio. 

Dickinson reveals: “I think this is a better album than Book Of Souls. I really do. I haven’t heard it all back yet because I’ve been in the middle of doing it.”

Adding: “It’s been a very, very good experience,” having previously announced that the album is better than their previous effort. 

He adds: “I think it’s more complex than Book Of Souls. It’s certainly more varied. And I think there’ll be a genuine couple of surprises. There’s one of two songs that’ll have people going, ‘Eh? Is that Iron Maiden?’”

You can check out the short film below.