Introducing: Gold Celeste and their debut album 'The Glow'

Introducing: Gold Celeste and their debut album ‘The Glow’

Norwegian trio Gold Celeste have announced plans to release their debut album The Glow on September 11th via Riot Factory. 

Simen Hallset, Petter Andersen Eirik Fidjeland who all met at an arts and music college in Trondheim, Norway make up the band who have shared lead single ‘Open Your Eyes’.

“We’re all sharing the experience of life. If you can’t picture a world filled with a diversity of societies and cultures getting along, you’ve got to open your eyes and expose the obstacles in our way for what they truly are,” singer and bassist Simen Hallset said.

“Human nature they are not. To quote the song’s refrain ‘This is just a friendly wake-up call. I’d rather see you dance than trip and fall,” he added.


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