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Introduce yourself to the sumptuous vocals of Tia Gostelow on her new video 'Blue Velvet'

Tia Gostelow. Remember the name. File it away as we know you’ll be needing it soon when you try to tell your mate about that incredible vocal you can’t get out of your head. Tia Gostelow is the name and the song is ‘Blue Velvet’. Now, that’s all done, sit back and enjoy the aforementioned momentous singer.

Billed as an artist for fans of Gabrielle Aplin, Nina Nesbitt and Mallrat we would even chuck in Lana Del Rey in the mix. Mixing that combination together, we found ourselves hopelessly falling for the seemingly effortless way Gostelow pushes her range to the sky and back. ‘Blue Velvet’ is just one mark of her incredible talent.

With debut album Thick Skin available to stream right now, the latest track is a showstopper. Its vocal performance is only matched in grandeur by the nuance idiosyncracies of the subject matter. In other words, an unattainable level of performance about a tangible theme. Bloody good, that.

Tia talks about the reinvention of the track, “Blue Velvet is the ballad of the album and that’s exactly what I wanted it to be. This was written in my bedroom and I just wanted to write a song that musically there wasn’t a lot going on and the vocals came right through the song. The song is about an intense love and being with someone who has made you feel ways you have never felt before and all the excitement of a new relationship.”

Take a listen to ‘Blue Velvet’ below.

Tia finds herself at the end of a huge tour, which featured top notch performances in Bristol and at The Great Escape Festival. Tonight she will play at The Lending Rooms in Leeds, with a further date in London on Friday!

Catch her before she gets too big.