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Interview: The Sherlocks, Y Not Festival

The Sherlocks are one of the hottest unsigned acts around at the moment and things are looking huge for the two sets of brothers from Sheffield.

Following their electric set on the Quarry stage at Y Not Festival, we caught up with Brandon from the band to shoot the shit.

Here’s what he had to say:

Far Out: For people who might not know, who are the Sherlocks?

Brandon Crook: “Two sets of brothers from a little village called Bolton on Dearne, it’s near Sheffield.”

FO: And what are the Sherlocks all about?

BC: “Feel good music! Massive anthemic songs.”

FO: You’ve been dubbed ‘the most exciting unsigned band in Britain’ by some, how does that feel?

BC: “Yeah it feels like we are flying the unsigned flag for all the other bands, we are showing what can happen if you write some great songs and then just play them everywhere we can.

“That’s all we’ve done. You’ve just got to be committed and put the graft.”

FO: You’ve gotten plenty of live experience under your belt over the past couple of years including some pretty impressive support slots for the likes of the Libertines and the Courteeners, how has life on the road been and what’s been your highlight?

BC: “Supporting The Libertines was a definite highlight of the year because it showed us the next level up.

“How everything runs behind the scenes of such a big scale. But you can beat the feeling of packing out tents at festivals.”FO: So you were the first unsigned band in 10 years since the Arctics to sell out the Leadmill, that’s got to feel pretty spectacular right?

BC: “Yes incredible fan base. We’ve sold the Leadmill out twice now.”

FO: What’s the plan then? How many record labels are courting you? Surely someone wants to snap you up?

BC: “Just waiting for the right deal to be proposed and then it’s time to take it up another gear.

“We are going to make sure we get this 100 per cent right.”

FO: With two sets of brother in the band, how much sibling rivalry goes on? It’s got to get heavy right?

BC: “Not at all, it’s like we are one set of brothers. Just healthy banter between us all.”FO: Talk us through your recording process – how? Where? When?

BC: “The next single was recorded in Rockfiekd Studio in Wales.

“It’s an amazing place, it’s where huge bands such as Oasis, Queen and The Stone Roses have previously recorded.”

FO: So when can we expect and album?

BC: “Hold tight, it’s coming. When it does drop be ready because it’s going to make some noise.”

FO: What’s next for the Sherlocks?

BC: “Finish off what has been an incredible run of festivals! Then straight into a full UK September tour.”