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(Credit: Nicola Gypsicola)

Interview: Suspect Alibi, Y Not Festival

Just a couple of weeks have passed since we left Y Not, while of some of the experience is a little hazy, one thing that is firmly instilled in our brains is Suspect Alibi’s set at the Quarry Stage on Friday afternoon.

As far as good time indie anthems go, this five piece from Nottingham are starting to push all the right buttons, with a slick live offering that’s sounds much more established and well seasoned  than their young age would suggest.

We caught up with George and Niall from the band after their set for a quick chat, here’s what they had to say.

Far Out: For people who might not know, who are Suspect Alibi?

George Gretton: “We’re a five piece from Nottingham, we’re all between 19 and 20, we make feel good indie tunes, but we like to try and make things a bit different. “

FO: What is Suspect Alibi all about?

 GG: “We just want to put on a good show really, that’s what we’re all about.”

FO: You just opened the Quarry for BBC Introducing, first band on at a pretty huge festival, how was that?

Niall Hughes: “Amazing – I mean I’ve not been here before, but Joey our drummer said that’s it’s doubled in size, so we didn’t know what to expect. People started to trickle into the tent though when they heard our set, which was great.

GG: Yeah it was a blessing in disguise in a way, it started to chuck it down just as we started so it meant lots of people had to come in to take shelter really, but when the music started and the rain stooped they didn’t leave, so that’s always good.

FO: For our readers who couldn’t be there to see that, sum it up in a couple of words for us.

GG: “Loud, fun, energetic.”

FO: You guys all met at school right? How long ago was that? What’s on the horizon for this band now?

GG: “Haha well as nerdy as it sounds we were all in the school jazz band, then we sort of decided to try something different and moved into the indie scene. That was about 4 or 5 years ago, we’ve been together as the current line up for about 3 years now.

“We’re just taking it as it comes and writing a shit load of songs, we just want to see how far we can take it really, we want to keep playing great shows to great crowds.”

FO: Tell us about Glastonbury this year– how was the experience?

GG: “Muddy, very muddy.”

NH: “We played a little stage called the Rabbit Hole, which is a nice little tent, we actually played in 2014 as well, that was good because it started raining there too, so everyone packed in the tent, but we a lo tighter now, we’ve been practicing loads and loads since then.”

GG: “Yeah it was so much fun. But literally it was so muddy that even the stage was covered, all our cases and equipment are still covered in it. But yeah it was fun, I love Glasto, it’s my favourite festival.”

FO: “There’s been lots of noise coming from Nottingham over the past few years, the likes of Amber Run, Saint Raymond and Jake Bugg all hailing from round that way. Is this the start of an East Midlands musical revolution? And will you be at the forefront?”

GG: “I think so – there’s so much going on in Nottingham at the moment, there’s so many promoters and venues.”

NH: “It’s so well supported too.”

GG: “Yeah people like BBC Introducing are great, Dean Jackson who put us on this stage today picks out and plays about 2000 tracks a year from new and up and coming bands on his radio show.

“There’s also loads of organisations, that really get behind new Nottingham artists, there’s just so much going on.

“The best thing about it though is that everyone is supportive of each other.”

NH: “Yeah it’s like there’s no competition.”

GG: “Exactly, this weekend BBC Introducing have pick nine bands to play and we know six of them as mates, they’ll come to watch us and we’ll go to watch them – we all just support each other.”

FO: What’s next for Suspect Alibi and what should our readers look out for?

NH: “Look out for some new music coming up. We’ve got a couple of shows in Nottingham coming up. We’re doing Macmillan Festival (at the Rescue Rooms on the main stage).”

GG: “Yeah we’re doing the home town shows, then hopefully play some other places all over the country come October time. And yeah just new realises, we really want to get back in the studio and get some momentum going.”