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Sewer Rats band interview with Far Out Magazine.


Interview: Sewer Rats


On Friday Far Out Magazine will be re-launching our website with the help of Fluffer Records and some incredible bands.

One warehouse. Four bands. 360 degree crowd.

One of those bands is Sewer Rats. A Grimsby punk band they thrash harder than most and they ain’t afraid to show it.

We caught up with the band ahead of this gig and asked them some questions about the upcoming EP, the gig and, that age-old question, whose ear you’d cut off.

Ahead of the Fluffer Pit Party, just how excited are you guys to be playing this kind of gig?

Any London Show really excites us but these new Pit Party’s that Al’s doing seem to be creating a bit of buzz so we’re extra buzzed for this. The fact that its our first London show of the year makes in extra good.

Fluffer seem to evoke this attitude of a real DIY ethos, an anything goes attitude, is that something that helps you as a band?

Yes definitely, its cool knowing that they’re not going to turn the power of half way through our set because Iain’s dove straight through the drum kit. It’s also great that Al hasn’t tried to shape us in to something we’re not he just lets run with it.

How’s the new EP shaping up?

Brilliant, we’ve recorded and mastered two of the five tracks at ‘Corner Stone recording studio’ in Grimsby with Leon Spencer & Kev Riley, two of Grimsby’s finest. We’re really happy with the way they’ve come back. Then on the 20th of February, the day after the PIT PARTY, we’re finishing of the EP at Soundsavers down in ole’ London. cant wait to have it finished and out in people’s minds.

Does the state of the music industry push bands in to being more pro-active and essentially making music for a purer reason?

If you’re not pro-active as a band you’re never going to get gigs and you’ll probably never leave the garage you formed in.

It’s essential now, and for that reason any studio time you can get feels earned and the tracks you’ve laid down won’t just be a load of shite you’ve peddled out just to get your name out there. They’ll be ones you’ve actually put time into. Well that’s the way it was for us anyway.

What gets you guys off? Touring or recording?

Definitely Touring. No better feeling then playing music live and people enjoying it.

Favourite city to gig in?

London for sure.

For a while everyone touted the line “guitar music is dead” how helpful is it as a band to have the media pronounce these thing?

I think it gives us a reason to play more and play louder, just to prove whoever believed that statement wrong.

It seems to us that this allows bands to work undetected and create a new scene untarnished, are there any bands really pushing that through?

There are bands up and down the country creating their own scenes. To name a couple: There is a band called DARMA from Manchester who have gotten us all but a few of our Manchester Shows, and a band from Hull Called NO NOTHINGS who really have created their own scene in Hull, both sickkkk bands.

Is Grimsby an inspirational place for your music?

Grimsby the town that time forgot haha.

It’s definitely an inspiration for sure. If we lived in a really wonderful place and all had our lives together we probably wouldn’t even be a band, whats the point if you’ve got nothing to shout about that is actually real to you?

Finally, from left field, you’re Mr. Blonde in Resevoir Dogs, in that scene where Michael Madsen’s character cuts the ear off a cop whilst playing ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’. You have a razor blade in your hand, what music do you play and who is in the chair?

Well there’s a list of candidates seeing as we live in a fucked up world.

I’d probably have Jeremy Hunt sat there and a bit of Led Zeppelin ‘Immigration Song’ playing in the back ground. Quite sadistic that isn’t it?

Not at all. Seems fitting to us.  

Sewer Rats will play this Friday alongside Weirds, Pizza Tramp and headliners Best Friends. The tickets are almost gone but there are still a few tickets left.