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(Credit: Mac DeMarco)

Interview: Mac DeMarco opens up about his friendship with Michael McDonald, his father and more


Mac DeMarco has joined George Stroumboulopoulos for a chat, a cover and an all-round good time for their third installment of the intimate music series ‘House of Strombo’.

DeMarco performs new music, his fan favourites and takes on a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Unknown Legend’ in a sweaty room full of just 100 people. Not much appears to make DeMarco nervous on stage, but to add even slightly more pressure (maybe), the crowd contained a host of familiar faces… including Musicians The Beaches, danielle duval, The Elwins and more.

Mac DeMarco opens up about his relationship with his father, his texting friendship with yacht-rock legend Michael McDonald and he responds to his reputation as the “hipster Jimmy Buffett”.

DeMarco on his relationship with Michael McDonald:
“Michael is a friend, I would consider him a friend of ours, he’s a sweet sweet man…

“You know what’s crazy about him is that he texts in yacht rock speak, he’ll say like ‘bit ol time’ or something like that it’s like you’re crazy man. He’s a sweet sweet man.”

DeMarco on his reputation as the “hipster Jimmy Buffett”:
“That’s fine with me, he did Margaritaville right?”

On his mother’s obsession with modern country:
“My mom has a great taste in music but for some reason when my brother and I were younger she got really into pop country.

“Dwayne Steele. She used to caddy for him when we played golf in Edmonton, she was obsessed… and that disappeared after a little while, I ask her now you know like what was the problem? What was going on mom… and she doesn’t know. I don’t know, nothing wrong with pop country you know. I’ve just never owned a truck.”

On his relationship with his father:
“I’m not trying to vilify the guy or crucify or murder him or anything like that. I’m just trying to understand cuz there is a certain thing where, there’s a father figure and just understand that relationship and what is supposed to mean and what that is, and where I am at in it. But you know, god bless you dad if you see this… He got pretty sick, the craziest thing is though, is that he got better, so I didn’t think he would hear a lot of these songs… and now I’m waiting a very long strange phone call.

“Regardless of where, any kind of shifty movement within anybody that I am related to or anything like that I love them all, they’re part of what I am… god bless them all. You know, got a strange family but I love you guys. I do, I really do… I’m probably, you know I’m not so normal myself but who knows?”


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