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Andrew WK interview Y Not Festival 2014 party hard

Interview - Andrew WK

Here a Far Out, we’re fairly certain we know how to have a good time, but no one knows how to throw down better than the King of Party himself, Mr Andrew WK.

He stopped by Y Not Festival as part of the Possessed By Partying tour and it would have been just ludicrous for us to pass up on the opportunity to talk to him, here’s what he had to say…

FO: You’ve been in the UK for quite a while now, how has that been?

AWK: Yeah, this has been the Possessed By Partying tour and this is the home stretch here today here at Derbyshire – did I say that right? Then off to London for Visions Festival then Poland for one date and that’s the tour over.

FO: So is that the end of the partying?

AWK: No the party never stops, when I get back the US we carry on with some shows there, the party just keeps getting bigger.

FO: So with that in mind, how do UK festivals compare to that of the US?

AWK: Well I was actually thinking about that, a lot of the time festivals are in a less remote area (right now we are right in the middle of the Derbyshire countryside) – they tend to be in the middle of a city or an arena or stadium – or even in someone’s basement, which definitely adds a bit of variety. But I’ve noticed over here a lot of the time they tend to be on farms or in the middle of fields which is nice because you can see the hills. Also you get fairground rides, we don’t get that in the US.

FO: Does it always rain when you come to the UK?

AWK: (Laughs) Well yeah it’s not surprising, it makes you appreciate the sun when it eventually comes out though, I don’t really like getting sun burnt, but I do feel for the guys getting wet in their tents. But what can I say they’re hardcore and it just makes me respect them even more for just throwing down. You can’t really faze the hardcore UK festivalgoers, they will put up with anything and the party continues.

FO: Where would you be hanging out if you weren’t performing this weekend?

AWK: I’d be all over the rides, all weekend long.

FO: Is there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing this weekend?

AWK: I’m very excited about Dizzee Rascal I’ve always liked him. But the great thing about festivals is you discover new acts you’ve never heard before, so it’s that nice balance of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – not the sky though today.

We can’t stick around to see anyone after, but I’m going to leave my spirit here at the festival so I can party with all you guys.

FO: We have to ask you, how did you react to accusations that Andrew WK is actually a character and there have been a number of you over the years?

AWK: It was quite frustrating, especially in the early days, at its worst it was quite painful.

It’s a very strange sensation to be told you don’t exist, you’re sort of like Santa Claus.

At first I got very angry and then I just tried to go along with it for a bit, but you know parts of it are based on truth, Steev Mike (Andrew WK’s real persona to those who subscribe to this conspiracy) is actually the name of my manager, it’s always been that way from the beginning.

I guess if you don’t tell people everything they try to fill in the blanks themselves, but anyway I’ve made peace with that, you can’t control what other people think and you can’t make people think things no matter how hard you try or how true they are. I just focus on partying and hope that other people just ignore that other stuff. The thing is really it motivated me to keep going.

FO: We’ve always believed in the party!

AWK: Well I really appreciate that, thank you very much.

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Will De Nardo

Pictures by: Kristen Goodall Photography