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INHEAVEN go full Salem Witch Trials in their new video for ‘World on Fire’


INHEAVEN are one of those band quietly going about their business and creating a groundswell of affection and appreciation. Their latest incendiary cut ‘World on Fire’ is as sharp as ever and now has a brilliant new video inspired by the infamous Salem Witch Trials to go alongside it.

The groundswell is building because of their razor gilded riffs and grunge inspired tone which is picking up great attention. The new track fits the brief perfectly and then to add the somewhat psyche inspired visuals to build for anthemic chorus means INHEAVEN have got their fingers pressed down hard on the pulse.

Talking about the video, the band explained: “Inspired by the 1692 witch trials of Colonial Massachusetts, Barbara Creed’s ‘The Monstrous-Feminine’, and ‘The Devils’ by Ken Russell, the ‘World on Fire’ video tells the story of a young puritan woman who comes back from the dead to seek revenge on the men who persecuted her for being a ‘witch’. Whilst the premise may be presented as a 17th century problem, it feels very much alive and well in today’s society – there is a dread of difference that we still accept”.

Take a look below.